XXVII Congress of Departments of Marketing, Commerce and Consumption

Horizons of Knowledge. Marketing – Commerce – Consumption

17-19 September 2018 r.

Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB) has the honour of inviting representatives of science and economic practice to the XXVII Congress of Departments of Marketing, Commerce and Consumption. This notable event, aimed at integrating the scientific environment, will take place in Poznań, a city with a long academic tradition.

We believe that it will provide the participants with an exceptional opportunity for sharing their scientific achievements, exchanging their experience and broadening their knowledge horizons. We are convinced that it will be an inspiration for further research, as well as a chance to build and develop closer relations with fellow researchers.

Let us meet in Poznań!


The aims of the XXVII Congress of Departments of Marketing, Commerce and Consumption are: to create a space for presenting findings of the latest research into challenges arising from transformations we witness today, as well as to integrate the academic community around issues related to science, teaching and practice.
The XXVII Congress of Departments of Marketing, Commerce and Consumption will create an opportunity for the exploration of the existing research areas and for the discovery of new ones, especially those related to seeking the horizons of knowledge in the fields of marketing, commerce and consumption. Thus, it will contribute to the cultivation of the long tradition of cooperation and integration of the representatives of our academic community.


  • Marketing in the global economy – strategies of internationalisation, customization in the global economy, the “born global” companies.
  • Innovation in marketing – IT technologies, innovative forms of building relationships with customers, customization, value marketing.
  • Neuromarketing – new research methods and techniques in marketing, marketing communication based on neuroscience, application of neuromarketing in sales management.
  • The role of marketing in modern companies – the influence of generational and cultural changes on corporate marketing strategies.
  • Business networks and relationships – partnership, relationship-building and networking, B2B marketing.
  • Place marketing – the activity of local, regional and national stakeholders aimed at the improvement of the place attractiveness, the SMART City concept, building “soft-power”.
  • E-commerce, virtual reality, Marketing 3.0 – corporate strategies based on WEB 3.0 and WEB 4.0.
  • The role of commerce in the modern market space – innovative formats and forms of trade concentration, multi- and omnichannelling, internationalization of trade, new technologies in commerce, directions of development in retail and wholesale trade.
  • Forms and directions of consumption evolution – consumer ethnocentrism, citizen consumption, prosumption, knowledge-based consumption, C2C relationships.


  • Prof. dr hab. Henryk Mruk, Poznań University of Economics and Business – the Chairperson
  • Prof. dr hab. Bogna Pilarczyk, Poznań University of Economics and Business – the Vice-Chairperson
  • Prof. dr hab. Krystyna Mazurek-Łopacińska, Wrocław University of Economics
  • Prof. dr hab. Jan Wiktor, Cracow University of Economics
  • Prof. dr hab. Bogdan Gregor, University of Łódź
  • Prof. dr hab. Genowefa Sobczyk, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
  • Prof. dr hab. Bogdan Sojkin, Poznań University of Economics and Business
  • Prof. dr hab. Krystyna Gutkowska, Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Florkowski, Georgia State University, USA
  • Prof. Greg Kerr, University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE/Australia
  • Prof. Mihalis Kavaratzis, University of Leicester, UK
  • Prof. Elena Horska, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia
  • Prof. dr hab. Anna Dąbrowska, Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research in Warsaw
  • Prof. dr hab. Jacek Otto, Łódź University of Technology
  • Dr hab. Barbara Borusiak, prof. nadzw. PUEB, Poznań University of Economics and Business
  • Dr hab. Grzegorz Maciejewski, prof. nadzw. UE, University of Economics in Katowice

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